InteractWith has high potential. What about its ICO (INTER)

InteractWith is a high-potential project. Don't miss it

InteractWith has high potential. What about its ICO (INTER)

InteractWith is a startup with innovative ideas and interesting products. This company aims to help individuals and businesses to move from traditional web platforms (web2) to more advanced, decentralized platforms (web3). While more and more people want to reap the benefits of blockchain-based websites, most of them don’t know how to make such a transition easily and relatively cheaply. Let’s admit the truth, most often than not, users say no to blockchain not because they prefer the traditional web but because they can’t afford the former.

Recognizing this problem, many startups rallied to offer customers their cheap services, promising to deliver all the advantages of the Defi space to the users. Unfortunately, not all of them are capable of doing that. Some of them lack experience, while others are sneaky about fees, charging more than they asked in the beginning.

However, InteractWith stands out among other startups. It has an experienced team of professionals and a well-developed roadmap. The company developed a plug-and-play solution, creating it specifically for the gaming industry. Thanks to this solution, the platform will enable game developers and creators to integrate blockchain technology into their games without much hassle. They nicely simplify the whole process. On top of it, developers won’t even need to learn about code. The platform will take care of that side.

Moreover, the team created a gamified wallet that comes with great social features. The latter serves to enhance the customer experience. InteractWith’s services and advanced tools will allow game developers to upgrade their games in a short time. That’s important, given the rapid speed of Defi development. The industry is evolving so fast that companies must always remain alert. If they can’t deliver immersive games with good graphics and advanced mechanics, they can forget about achieving success in this industry.

How does it work?

InteractWith aims to deliver innovative, engaging, and rewarding experiences to its customers. The company wants to give both developers and players access to web3, which is the latest word in the gaming industry. The company will leverage the blockchain’s power to develop new forms of interaction, as well as value exchange within the gaming industry.

Furthermore, InteractWith has strong values. It wants to create a user-centered design and continuously improve its platform. The team believes that it will be able to create services and products that are truly valuable and useful to its clients.

The team members are experienced web3 experts, as well as gaming enthusiasts. They share the same vision and values, and what’s more important, they intend to stay at the forefront of innovation and technology. The company will build strong partnerships. It will also collaborate with other leading companies in the web3 gaming market.

The InteractWith platform has a hot native token – INTER. InteractWith ICO sale will start on March 15 and end on March 19. INTER is an ERC20 coin. Its price will be 0.15 USD per token. The total supply of INTER is 100,000,000, but only 13% will be available for purchase during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $825,000 with the sale, and it will accept only USDT in exchange for its utility tokens.

What about InteractWallet?

InteractWith also introduced its social gaming wallet. The latter will provide customers with a unique experience. This feature will combine gamification with the best of social networks. The team designed InteractWallet to be both enjoyable and stimulating. In addition, it will provide clients with a rewarding experience.

According to the company, this wallet uses various techniques from different social networks. The team aimed to create a gamified look and features, hoping that it would motivate customers. The main goal is to incentivize players to use InteractWallet. However, that will be easy, given its advantages.

The wallet boasts a wide range of other features. Thanks to it, users can easily connect with other players or developers. They will be able to communicate with people who share their interests, as well as build great communities around their favorite games or assets. Overall, this wallet will offer customers an enjoyable and engaging experience.

The InteractWith platform is also a great addition to the Defi space. This project has strong potential, and it has good goals. The company will allow users to move on web3 from web2, making the transition seamless and easy.

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